Gahmen assisted Retirement

A seismic event occurred yesterday that most Singaporeans don’t know / don’t care / don’t give a beep about.


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Don’t believe me? Check your CPF lor…

Yes, your annual CPF interest was credited into your CPF account yesterday. I checked my account and I received roughly $2.6k, up from $1.6k in 2016 after some optimising done on my part this year.

CPF is a topic that has been much debated and raged about in recent years following Roy Ngerng’s rant on it (RETURN MY CPF!). For me, why debate the legality, efficacy, etc etc of the policy when what you should be doing is trying to work the system to your advantage as much as possible? If the Gahmen wants to give you higher than bank interest on your money, I’ll say thank you and run.

CPF is very much a topic I would like to cover in the future on this blog as I think it is a huge lost opportunity if you don’t fully understand it. For now, break out your SingPass and marvel at the riches that you can only unlock at age 55. 😛

Are you satisfied with the amount of interest the Gahmen paid you?

Happy Hunting,