Guide to Financial Independence

Achieving Financial Independence is what this blog is all about, this section is all about my advice for managing the 5 major aspects of personal finance – Earn, Spend, Save, Insure and Invest. As this blog is still young, I will slowly populate each category with posts to cover the various aspects of personal finance. I will sticky posts here that I feel are important and worth repeating here for future reference.


Savings Accounts
OCBC 360 Account – As at November 2018


Getting Started
Stock picking for the common man: Investing as a way of life
More tools for investment ideas: Augmenting your investing life
Explaining investing to your kids: If Professor Oak introduced Investing

Islamic Banking and Finance
For our Muslim friends: Understanding Islamic Banking principles and its application to Investments

Unit Trusts / Mutual Funds / Investment plans
Word of caution: The cost of active fund management

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
REITs vs SG Investment Properties: 7 reasons why REITs are better

Alternative Investments
Crowdlending Platforms: Is it for you?

Income Investing: Dividend Machines