Hey everyone, welcome to my blog.

I go by the initials KK. I don’t profess to be an investment guru, just reasonably experienced (>4 years in the market) and knowledgeable at personal finance and investing. All that I know, I’ve had to learn and experience from scratch.

I started this blog with the intention to track my investment journey as I seek to achieve financial independence. Now it is just a blog that also covers financial topics and my views on the market, sprinkled in with some personal posts, assuming I can find the time from my work schedule.

I began my financial journey in 2013 when I was a fresh graduate. I started in the US market due to market liquidity and no lot size minimums. Consequently my portfolio is predominantly made up of US stocks. That being said, I keep abreast of the Singapore market as well as I hope to build up my yield by buying distressed blue chips in Singapore.

Here are some of my milestones:
Saving 100k by 30

I’m currently an Internal Auditor in a hospitality company. I’m a swinging bachelor with no major commitments (no need to save for wedding, home, renovation, children).

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. If you are inspired by my journey and need assistance with starting your own, leave a comment or contact me via email (risknreturns@gmail.com) and I’ll be happy to help as much as possible.

Thanks for reading and hope you learnt something in the process =)

Disclaimer: The information I present are for general information only and does not constitute a call to buy or sell any shares. Individuals should consider the suitability of the information presented in this blog to their own specific situation before acting. Invest carefully my friends.


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