Portfolio @ October 2018


PortfolioPortfolio Value

Performance Indicators / Dividends

  • YTD Time weighted return: -2.26%
  • Dividends collected: $2,932.94
  • Upcoming Dividend Receipts:
    • Yuexiu Transportation Infrastructure: HKD 900
    • AIMSAMP Capital Industrial REIT: SGD 150
    • Capitaland Mall Trust: SGD 110.96 (Excluding Advance Distribution)


Hunted by Red October

As you may know by now, October has been an especially tough month for global investors. I personally wiped out all my gains for the year and turned to losses. While I still outperformed the STI, which has declined about 10% for the year, it still feels bad when you lose money. In light of the volatility, I eliminated Tencent and Bank of America from my portfolio. Initiated a small position in DBS yesterday as it is now yielding 5% for a business that I admire. That said, the downward pressure continues, which is why I only bought a small position. I’ll relook it again when it reaches $20-21, if it gets there.

Given how low the STI has gone, I’m awfully tempted to start a regular investment plan into the STI ETF or just straight out buy the ETF. Will update you guys if that happens next month.

Work backlog and ICT

October has been a bit slow on the work front due to my annual high key ICT. It’s my 6th high key ICT and 8th ORNS cycle, so 1 more high key ICT and I’m done with the majority of my NS obligations. So looking forward to my NS HOME award in my CPF account when I’m placed into Military Reserve.

Unfortunately, as a result of my ICT, I’m looking at a extremely fun backlog of business trips I must complete by the end of the year. Going to be a hardworking run till the end of the year, so don’t expect very regular posts till year end.

Good luck and stay safe everyone.

Happy Hunting,

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