Portfolio @ February 2018



It’s the end of a topsy turvy month so it’s time to take stock!

Portfolio 1Portfolio 2Portfolio 3

Performance Indicators / Dividends

  • YTD Time weighted Return: 3.03%
  • Dividends collected: $244.20
  • Upcoming Dividend Receipts:
    • Keppel Corporation: $322


Market volatility brought about a correction in early February, prompting me to put more capital to work this month as seen in the graph. This is offset by the decrease in unrealised gains for the year as a result of the correction.

It’s been a month of significant transactions. Other than those previously disclosed, I built a stake in Frasers Commercial Trust as a contrarian investment. As the HP Inc overhang over the REIT is gradually lifted, with a potential catalyst of the office space rental recovery going into 2019, it looks like a decent speculation. It pays a decent yield as well at the moment, fitting into my shift towards an income strategy.

Here’s to a better March! Huat ah!

Happy Hunting


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