Portfolio @ January 2018


It’s a wrap on the last full week of trading in January so its time for another monthly review.

Portfolio Jan 2018 2Portfolio Jan 2018 1Portfolio chart Jan 2018

Performance Indicators / Dividends

  • YTD Absolute Return: 5.84%
  • YTD Gains: SGD 6,860.53
  • Dividends collected: Nil
  • Upcoming Dividend Receipts:
    • Keppel REIT: $57.20
    • Frasers Centrepoint Ltd: $186
    • Keppel Corporation: $392


January has been overall a wild and crazy month. Performance was largely driven by the following factors:

  1. Positive
    1. Keppel Corporation – On re-rating of the stock by analysts, consolidation rumours with SembCorp Marine and increasing oil prices.
    2. Google – On tax reform and wider market forces
    3. Tencent – On China growth speculation
  2. Negative
    1. Valeant Pharmaceuticals – On a scathing downgrade by Goldman Sachs
    2. Strengthening SGD against USD and HKD led to unrealised forex losses
    3. Apple – On Iphone X upgrade cycle worries

To be honest, I couldn’t be happier with the way January went.¬†The moves in Keppel and Tencent in particular has been nothing short of spectacular. Of course, if I had sold my Valeant earlier before the downgrade my YTD return would have been higher, but hey, 5.84% in 1 month is pretty awesome.

Looking forward, I expect positive momentum to continue into February. As most of my tech stocks are reporting quarterly earnings in the next 2 weeks, I will need to be extra vigilant on any wrinkles in the quarter. At the same time, I’ll look into raising some cash from my non core holdings into strength if possible as well as build my warchest by saving my salary.

How did your January go? Are you happy with it?

Happy Hunting,


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