Portfolio @ October 2017

In between overseas trips, so taking a quick few minutes to do up a quick portfolio update before I go back to packing for my trip tomorrow.


Portfolio value crosses SGD100k for the first time! šŸ™‚

Huat ah

No significant transactions this month. It was a monster month though, with Keppel Corporation breaking out and contributing significantly to increase in portfolio value.

US Q3 Tech earnings was also beastly, contributing to increases in Google, Facebook and Apple. This is offset decreases in value for Domino’s Pizza and Valeant Pharmaceuticals. I’m considering divesting those 2 positions are they are doing a whole lot of nothing. Will update here if I do.

All in all a great month. The path is now clear to an awesome year end rally barring nothing stupid happens.

Thanks for reading.



3 thoughts on “Portfolio @ October 2017

  1. Koh says:

    Hi KK,

    I am curious. Do you mind sharing the stock brokerage platform you are using for US stock purchase? I am keen to diversify into overseas equity market but I can’t decide on the brokerage platform. Would appreciate if you can help shed some light on this. Thanks.

    • Hi Koh,

      I currently use Standard Chartered, as at the time I started they were one of the cheapest. This is not necessarily the case now, but I have not felt the need to change to another platform.

      I would not recommend any of the local brokers for us markets as they charge commissions as a percentage of contract value so they are quite uncompetitive compared to overseas brokers.

      The cheapest overseas broker I know is Interactive Brokers, as they charge based on number of shares bought or sold. It’s a very basic platform but functional. I’ve heard of complaints of bullshit fees so do your research before you join.

      If you want a more functional platform with good charting tools and free CNBC streaming, i would recommend TD Ameritrade. Commissions are flat rate 10.95 SGD and they have a SG office. I know its a bit expensive but i feel you are getting pretty good value in the platform.

      Hope this helps.

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